Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ready for our close up

Michael got on Woot.com and found a super deal on a hand held video camera. So I am going to entertain myself today by videotaping some of the routine and will put it up on You Tube. It's a busy busy day as I get ready for a road trip to our house in Gatlinburg for some R & R with some friends.

I finished my first sets of knitted coasters using bamboo fibers that I'd feel comfortable selling and put them up on eBay. Already got one set sold (thanks Bonnie!). I'll be taking them with me to the Cooper Young Community Farmers Market this Spring with the idea of selling them as wedding gifts. So it looks like I'll have at least 2 items there even if everything else is a big fat goose egg. I started a baby hat last night. If it works out I'll sell them as well. Scarves galore come Fall of course, but I am concentrating on what's seasonal right now.

The plastic for the greenhouse was dropped in the mail yesterday. I also tripled my pelargonium order after realizing I had nowhere near enough plants to comfortably attempt to propagate them myself. Add the seed order to it and I'll be a busy busy bee in a few weeks time. Ahhh spring! It may be that the first garden is a complete disaster, but I figure it's better than not trying at all!

I've got my materials together to build a vermicompost bin as well, which I plan on doing tonight if all other stuff gets done. But first, it's off to make some movie magic. Eat your heart out, Spielberg! Just as an aside thought I would like to point out that when I misspelled Spielberg it popped up in my spell checker. Now that is what I call famous.

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