Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Poor Floyd!

Not a good day for the kids. I went outside to do the morning routine, reveling in a day finally filled with sun. I went in to collect the eggs and make sure everyone had food and fresh water and was immediately confronted by Floyd who has a horrible case of frostbite on his comb! He stared at me with his beady birdy eyes accusingly. So Michael and I replaced the tarp on one window of the coop with clear plastic to allow for more light and provide a stronger wind break. We also installed a third heat lamp over the roosts. I've no idea why he managed to go through those horrible ice storms, snows and subfreezing temps for so long but suddenly got frostbite one night. He's pretty sure I did it to him deliberately though.

I did take some great pictures of the girls enjoying their first dust bath (more like mud, as wet as it is) in the sun in what feels like weeks and weeks. They got a big kick out of it. I'll see if I can't get em up tonight.

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