Farm Wish List

If you'd like to help support us and our flock in a more tangible way, here are some of the projects we're working on and what we need to finish them.

1) Security: Due to the recent theft and slaughter of over half of our flock, we are forced to install security features to the coop, yards, greenhouse & farm perimeter

  • Funds for upgrades to fencing, doors & windows to prevent theft of chickens. You can donate through the Paypal link on our home page. It's on the right-hand column, midway down the page.
  • Volunteer labor for fence row clearing, fence installation
  • Fence panels (commonly known as "cattle panels" or "lot panels"). 16 x 34"
  • Field wire
  • Barbed wire

2) Continuing Education:
3) Greenhouse Project:
  • Electrical work to run power to the Greenhouse for lights, supplemental heat and fans
  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Large metal barrels (4)
  • Funds for skilled labor, or skilled laborers to volunteer
4) Website Construction:
  • We'd like to set up a professional quality webpage complete with an online webshop for our other products and could use some professional know-how
    5) Refrigerator for egg storage
    6) Egg wash powder
    7) Volunteers, skilled, unskilled for ongoing farm projects, cleanups, etc