Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a week it's been! I came up to have our annual birthday party in our cabin in Gatlinburg. Every February I get together with friends from all all different eras of my life to have some completely immature fun. It's a real treat for me to see my closest friends, some of whom never met before we started the annual gathering, all in one place having giggle fits, cooking fabulous meals and generally acting like teenagers together for a few days.

This year was no different. Susan Beasley came all the way from Atlanta, and Sarah Glass drove all the way from Knoxville just to see us for an hour. What a compliment! It was quite touching and made me feel very special.

All was well until the last day of the week, when our plumbing went KABLOOEY! I assumed it was just due to a septic tank overdue for a pump. But of course nothing is that simple. The tank did need to be pumped, so that was timely. But the real problem was the tree roots that had grown into the line. The septic tank guys, who were extremely helpful and worked their butts off, managed to clear the line. I'd recommend them to anyone in the Gatlinburg/Sevierville area. Look up Romines Septic if ever you need some help. But unfortunately, so much pressure had built up behind the roots that the pipes under the house burst. For days all our water had been draining directly into the river!! I'm just thankful we use all plant-based cleaning and bathing products. But I shudder to think of the raw sewage that must have made its way into the water before we caught the problem. Sheesh, a person does all they can to be as environmentally responsible as possible and this happens!

Though I was able to line up a plumber willing to fix the problem, but it still leaves me waterless for almost a full week now. He can't be out to look at it until Monday, so it looks like my quick trip is turning into quite the extended stay.

What I feel the most guilty about is leaving Michael to have to deal with all the farm duties on his own. Not to mention the poor guy just sprained his ankle a few days ago. What a mess! Fortunately he does have friends who are taking up the call and helping him with those daily husbandry duties. I'd say there's a major dinner party to say thank you in our future, if ever I get back! I'm looking forward to a real meal after so many mass market microwave meals! I can't believe I used to eat this crap regularly. No wonder I felt like doody all the time!

In the meantime I'm knitting like a maniac, playing World of Warcraft and watching BBC through Netflix on demand. I'm glad Monarch of the Glen is so addictive.

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