Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welded Wire, Thou Hast Twarted Me With Thy Nonstretchiness!

I admit defeat every so often, and this is one of those times. In preparation for our new additions to the flock, I decided to add another chicken pasture so that we could be sure that everyone gets to go out every day rather than be forced to share one yard and therefore alternate their days outside.

Our first pasture was put up last year using welded wire, which is great poultry fencing provided you do not have to cover a sloped area. And guess what? The entire yard is sloped. I pushed, I pulled, I begged, I cursed, I wept, I tantrumed. A mere two months later I had the project finished.

Well not this time, bub. I have too much on my plate to waste days and hours trying to stretch unstretchable wire down a slope and I'm fresh out of frustrated tears thanks to the feral dogs and cats trying to invade us like fuzzy kudzu. I had a brainstorm today and it comes in the form of cattle panels.

Tomorrow I'm going to Tractor Supply to pick up twelve of them $19.95 a pop. True, this pretty much blows my budget until oh, say, the end of time, but at least the yard will be done and be usable in a timely manner which is more than I can say for any of my other current projects! It's time for me to have the pleasure and satisfaction of something being finished, and to me it's worth the expense just to have that brief moment of pleasure.

I have visions of happy chickens frolicking about in their new yard wearing tiny versions of Maria's novice habit from The Sound of Music and clucking out "The Hills are Alive!" I hope I catch it on video. Maybe I could sell it and make up for the dough I'm about to shell out on those panels...

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